Why was Cetus down?

I've recieved a few mails today asking why Cetus was down for a couple days. Here's my response.

Thanks for following up. I appreciate that people notice so quickly when we are down. The short version of a *VERY* long story is that network solutions refused to let me transfer the domain name to another registrar, couldn't tell me why, then wouldn't transfer again because by then it had expired, charged my credit card for the renewal (but didn't update the record in their database and couldn't tell me why), refused to allow me to talk with anyone in billing, charged my credit card again (because at some point it's not worth my time to get things straightened out) and again didn't update the record, promised to have billing call me, no call, couldn't answer any questions about why the record wasn't updated, said they would put an administrative hold on the name (one of many lies) and finally yesterday expired the name, let me talk with billing and renew the name (third payment, BTW).

My suggestion is to never ever do business with those people.

Off I go to switch to another registrar, probably a dozen hours lost and $99 lighter, but with my domain running again.

From where I'm sitting the site is resolving again. If you're still not able to contact us by Friday please let me know.