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Central Site
Country City Local Time (*) URL Hosted by
USA Chicago www.cetus-links.org
[Cetus Team]
Cetus Team
[Cetus Team]
IPC, Inc.
American Mirror Sites
Brazil Bage, RS http://geolab.ccei.urcamp.tche.br/cetus/software.html [Universidade da Regiao da Campanha]
Universidade da Regiao da Campanha
Canada Vancouver, BC http://software.ffwd.cx/cetus/software.html [ffwd internet division]
ffwd internet division
Colombia Bogota D.C. http://uvirtual.ean.edu.co/cetus-links/
USA Chicago, IL http://www.objenv.com/cetus/software.html [Object Environments]
Object Environments
USA San Antonio, TX http://mini.net/cetus/software.html [Equi4 Software]
Equi4 Software
USA Dallas, TX http://www.ooad.org/cetus/software.html Antratis
Asian / Australian Mirror Sites
Australia Melbourne http://www.it.swin.edu.au/mirrors/cetus/software.html [Swinburne School of Information Technology]
Swinburne University of Technology
China Beijing http://www.seforum.net/cetus/software.html [SE Forum China Team]
SE Forum China Team
Japan Tokyo http://sunsite.sut.ac.jp/compu/cetus/software.html [SunSITE Japan at SUT]
Science University of Tokyo
Taiwan http://www.cyut.edu.tw/~jlu/cetus/software.html [Chaoyang University of Technologies]
Chaoyang University of Technologies
European Mirror Sites
Austria Vienna http://www.infosys.tuwien.ac.at/cetus/software.html [Distributed Systems Group at Information Systems Institute]
Vienna University of Technologies
France Vienna http://www.pactenovation.fr/accueil_cetus.html [Distributed Systems Group at Information Systems Institute]
Pacte Novation
Netherlands Hertogenbosch http://www.everest.nl/cetus/software.html [PinkRoccade Everest]
PinkRoccade Everest
Switzerland Lausanne http://www.sente.ch/cetus/software.html [Sen:te]
UK London http://www.quintuslink.com/cetus/software.html [Quintuslink]

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