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Overview: Who does what?
  Berend de Boer Eiffel ...Eiffel / LibrariesSather
  David Botton Ada
  Ralf Comtesse Databases,   OO DBMS,   OR DBMS,   OR Mapping,   Java / Databases
  Lee S. Fields Forté,   Reuse
  Joaquim Gromicho C++
  Richard Katz Prolog,   Visual Foxpro
  Andrey V Khavryutchenko Testing
  Wolfgang Lugmayr Self,   SOAP
  Jon Perry COM/COM+DelphiJavaScript
  Pradyumn Sharma Metrics
  Wolfram Puechert ABAP Objects
  Klaus Quibeldey-Cirkel Patterns
  Thomas Scheidegger C#.NET
  Conrad Schneiker Ruby
  Steven Shaw PythonDylanModula 3Oberon
  David Stes Objective-C
  Sudhir Ancha Web Servers
  Chris Carter Visual Basic
  Elizabeth Veitch Maintained the pages CORBA, JavaBeans, Java RMI, EJB until summer 2001
  Amit Bhagwat Architecture and Design Section (OOAD MethodsUMLOOAD ToolsFrameworks )
  Jian He Business Objects
  Rich Wellner Web site support
  Manfred Schneider Maintained most pages until March 2000; discontinued his work on the Cetus Links

We are looking for new team members. Your help is more than welcome.
If you would like to join us please let us know.

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